& Why This Concerns You, Your Future and Your VOTE for US PRESIDENT!

Your Political Involvement to Support Our Labor Friendly Candidates who will fight for your Collective Bargaining Rights is immensely important! The recent Supreme Court tie ruling March 29th couldn’t confirm this point more…Right To Work Legislation IS being fought all the way to the US Supreme Court! The late Justice Scalia was expected to Vote along with his fellow 4 conservative Justices, to strike down the requirement in 23 'Right to Work State' requiring that non-union public workers contribute to the cost of collective bargaining when holding a union collectively bargained position. If conservatives have their way, they will cripple our ability to exist by making Union Membership an option; Optional Union Dues!

If the 40 year old Supreme Court precedent allowing Unions to impose fee requirements on Non-members who work and benefit from a Unions Collective Bargaining Agreements were to be overturned, then all unions including Local 537 would be at risk.

In 2014 only 11% of Americans belonged to a Union. If this ruling went the other way and 23 states no longer required public workers to contribute to a union on the guise of free speech, then the 11% of the country who fight for our way of life would most certainly be reduced by half! Right to Work Legislation is a conscious effort to break up all Unions. Unions Collectively Bargain the fair living wage and benefits packages which set the scale for all sectors of the working middle class; wages for union and all non-union workers are affected with our negotiated wage packages. Look at how difficult it is to even increase America's standard of minimum wage requirements! Unions fight for all cost of living increases across the board!

Unions are the LAST strong hold in the country to secure and protect workers’ rights! Our right to bargain collectively is our only power!

Brothers and Sisters, This November Your Future is at Stake! Due to the Republican Stall Tactics being played out in the US Senate preventing our current President from appointing a Justice to the Supreme Court, THE NEXT PRESIDENT ELECTED THIS NOVEMBER WILL APPOINT THE NEXT SUPREME COURT JUSTICE!

The Vote just held in the Supreme Court March 29th, revealed how the Justices Think! The Conservative Appointed Justices Voted against our Union Rights and the Liberal Appointed Justices Voted to Support Union Rights! The Court now stands in a dead tie on most issues effecting your family; Not only Labors Rights, but Women’s Rights and Health Care Access as well.


You may not like either candidate but chances are you will never have the opportunity to become their buddy!

The bases for your PRESIDENTIAL VOTE IS SIMPLE – Vote To Elect a Like-Minded Candidate! Vote for A Leader who has a Proven Track Record for Protecting Workers Rights!

Be Extremely Cautious of a candidate who openly states he will make America More Competitive with China! How? The only way how is to reduce workers rights and lower our wage and benefit structure…that’s how!


A National 'Right To Work' Policy Supported By The US Supreme Court will see the end of your Collective Bargaining Rights and Your Union!


Victory for Unions as Supreme Court, Scalia Gone, Ties 4-4

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court handed organized labor a major victory on Tuesday, deadlocking 4 to 4 in a case that had threatened to cripple the ability of public-sector unions to collect fees from workers who chose not to join and did not want to pay for the unions’ collective bargaining activities.

It was the starkest illustration yet of how the sudden death of Justice Antonin Scalia last month has blocked the power of the court’s four remaining conservatives to move the law to the right.

A ruling allowing workers to refuse to pay the fees would have been the culmination of a decades-long campaign by a group of prominent conservative foundations aimed at weakening unions that represent teachers and other public employees. Tuesday’s deadlock denied them that victory, but it set no precedent and left the door open for further challenges once the Supreme Court is back at full strength.

When the case was argued in January, the court’s conservative majority seemed ready to say that forcing public workers to support unions they had declined to join violates the First Amendment. Justice Scalia’s questions were consistently hostile to the unions.

His death changed the balance of power in this case, and most likely in many others….

“We know the wealthy extremists who pushed this case want to limit the ability for workers to have a voice, curb voting rights and restrict opportunities for women and immigrants,” said Mary Kay Henry, the president of the Service Employees International Union.

USA TODAY Unions Dodge a Supreme Court Bullet

Article posted 3/29/16

Washington - Conservatives bent on crippling the power of public employee unions lost their best opportunity in years Tuesday when the Supreme Court deadlocked over a challenge to the fees those unions collect from non-members...

That was a major victory for the unions and the court's four liberal justices following Justice Antonin Scalia's death last month. During oral argument in January, it had appeared almost certain that the court would strike down the requirement in 23 states that teachers and government workers contribute to the cost of collective bargaining, even if they disagree with their unions' demands.

The justices could have rescheduled the case for when the court is back to full strength. But that could take a year or more, because Senate Republicans have refused to consider President Obama's nomination of federal appeals court Judge Merrick Garland to replace Scalia….

The case, ‘Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association’, signified a major threat to public employee unions that represent nearly 36% of government workers — far more than the plummeting average for unions overall. Only 11% of Americans belonged to unions in 2014…

The battle had divided the nation almost equally between states where laws govern collective bargaining for public workers and those where workers can't be forced to join unions or contribute to them.

Defenders of the current system contended that so-called "right to work" laws, in states mostly led by Republicans, lead to inferior education and public services. Average test scores are lower for students in those states on fourth- and eighth-grade math and reading proficiency tests.

A brief filed by 21 states led by Democrats said fair-share fees lead to improved government efficiency and labor peace, because states can negotiate with just one union and strikes are more easily averted.

Moreover, a brief submitted on behalf of public safety unions said a defeat "risks setting in motion a union 'death spiral' — as membership drops, the union will have to increase dues to cover its expenses, which will create further incentives for additional workers to quit the union."…

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Local 537 would like to thank the following Massachusetts legislators for the hard work they do everyday to support the working families of Massachusetts and for the members of the Massachusetts Building Trades;  We will not forget your efforts come election time!

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