Please Support the Keystone XL Pipeline Project & Put Americans Back to Work!

The Keystone Pipeline project is projected to create over 20,000 jobs for middleclass Americans to construct the pipeline and over 118,000 spin-off jobs to communities desperately in need. The United Association and Pipefitters Local 537 is very much in favor of this project and hope you contact your representatives in Washington D.C. to show your support.

The middle class members of labor have been amongst the hardest hit during this recession, largely due to the unfair tax break incentives available to companies and manufacturing plants moving overseas. The Keystone Pipeline has been examined and re-examined by every government agency which has jurisdiction and has been found to be the exact type of project this country needs to put Americans back to work. Our qualified and licensed labor force across the country, is starving for employment opportunities.  On behalf of Pipefitters Local 537, I implore you all to push for approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline project. Put this country and the men and women of Labor back to work.  

In our quest for project approval, we cannot stress enough, the importance of legislation dedicated to protecting the men and women of the Labor Unions. Please help ensure the pipeline be constructed with licensed and certified Union members desperately in need of work in order to support their self funded healthcare and pension plans, keeping hundreds of thousands of people off of the already strained U.S. Government funded programs.  Congress also has the opportunity to write amendments to insure that American MADE pipe and steel would be solely used on this project which would revitalize those industries and create even more employment opportunities for starving Americans.

We understand and recognize environmental concerns. The pipeline has been designed using state of the art safety procedures and construction practices in order to reduce environmental concerns. The pipeline should be safe guarded to be constructed with qualified and licensed Union pipefitters and welders to ensure it is built to exact design specifications.  Minimal environmental concerns should not be the reason our government elects NOT to put suffering Americans back to work.

Please join Business Manager Leo J Fahey's lead and send a letter or fax to each and every Senator,  Congressman and Congresswoman, showing your support of the Keystone XL Pipeline project.  

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Local 537 would like to thank the following Massachusetts legislators for the hard work they do everyday to support the working families of Massachusetts and for the members of the Massachusetts Building Trades;  We will not forget your efforts come election time!

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